We help youth developers and entrepreneurs suffering from Mind-Body Constipation to unclog their toxins so they can live life to the fullest, and carve out a thriving legacy that will change the world​ 

The Heart behind the services

We focus on synergy vs. teamwork, character vs. accomplishment, and  the journey vs. results. We strongly believe that everyone develops their spark through exploration & learning in a welcoming community A community that takes every opportunity to ask and nurture their spark, guiding them to Human Thriving.

We help traditional and non traditional administrators to provide thriving project-based programs so they can have time to perfect their craft and become pillars in their community​ 

A New Generation of Youth Services

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Our Three Pillars

Mind & Body

The Impact of Service 

We empower and courage our youth to become integral members of the their community, our country, and the world. We believe that to lead is to serve. We understand the full impact of service. We anticipate that participants will become volunteers, volunteers become youth developers, and in turn youth developers will become community leaders.    

"What is your spark? I'm dying to know"